About Us

Who we are?

We strive for communities in which persons with disabilities are regarded as equal citizens and are included
in all levels of society. Our services are free of charge and open to everyone who needs support.

What we do

We assist persons with disabilities in addressing their specific needs and support empowerment processes to strengthen their voice and independence.
We advocate for the inclusion of persons with disabilities as active participants in development programs, and support awareness-raising initiatives to overcome the many barriers in society- the true disabling factors hindering the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities.


To serve as an organisation in which persons with disabilities are enabled to attain their maximum level of independence and integration into the community.


To work together with persons with disabilities and their families in facilitating social development and uplifting services whereby they take the lead in removing barriers and achieving independence.

About Us

In order to ensure independent community life, the organisation is transforming their services in order to concentrate on community-based rehabilitation, skills training and job creation programmes that will uplift and increase their quality of life and daily living activities. Partnerships with the corporate sector, state and
other community-based organizations as well as
professionals in different fields are vital if we are
to be successful. Good partnerships can be
positive and productive, creating opportunities
for all, enhancing the VISION and MISSION of

Drakenstein APD is an organization with endless